Winemakers & Viticultural Team

“Good wine can be made in the winery, but great wine is made in the vineyard. We focus on managing the vineyard to produce the healthiest, clean and intense fruit characters possible”
Robin Brockett

Our experienced team of winemakers have all travelled the world as committed wine scholars, actively seeking out opportunities to expand their knowledge. Our Winemaking trio have worked and studied in the wine regions of America, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany and New Zealand.



Previously working in the New Zealand wine industry, Robin joined Scotchmans Hill in 1988, as Vineyard Manager. With a degree in Oenology (Winemaking) from Charles Sturt University, Robin took on the responsibilities of Winemaker in 1990.

From the original single label, Scotchmans Hill, the Estate has released a further 11 new labels, including the Swan Bay and Cornelius ranges.

Instrumental in the growth of Scotchmans Hill, and now the Chief Winemaker, Robin has been active in establishing the Bellarine as a thriving wine region.

Robin Brockett was recently inducted into the 2023 Hall of Fame, Geelong Wine Awards.



Marcus commenced at Scotchmans Hill in 2003, starting out as a cellar hand in his first vintage while studying Winemaking at Deakin University. His passion has led him to becoming a Senior Winemaker in 2009.

A local Geelong boy through and through, Marcus has a close understanding of what makes the region unique for winemaking.



Peter started out in the finance world before getting the winemaking bug. With close to 20 years in the winemaking industry, Pete has worked vintages in Sonoma Valley in California and at several high-profile wineries in Australia.

These include Cape Mentelle and Leeuwin Estate in the Margaret River region before moving to Scotchmans Hill in early 2013.

Lucas Doppler


Lucas, an integral member of Scotchmans Hill's winemaking team since 2020, previously worked around the Geelong region and gained valuable experience in Sonoma, California, crafting exceptional cool climate wines. Lucas also spent time working in Valpolicella, Italy helping merge his understanding of old-world wine-making techniques in a modern style and broadening his international winemaking knowledge. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Wine Science at Charles Sturt University, Lucas is known for his approachable demeanour and professional commitment. His expertise and genuine enthusiasm make him a valuable asset to Scotchmans Hill.



One of our longest serving employees, Belinda has been with Scotchmans Hill for over 23 years.

Belinda works in our vineyards as a Vineyard Supervisor, promoting the health and wellbeing of our vines via disease monitoring, canopy management and vine nutrition.



Mark started his time with Scotchmans Hill in 2009 as a vineyard-hand. Since then Mark has moved on to the role of Vineyard Supervisor and is responsible for looking after the use and maintenance of all our machinery.



Joining the team in 2001 Bernie initially held the role of gardener at Spray Farm, owned by Scotchmans Hill from 1994 to 2014 (with the vineyards continuing to be leased).

Now a Vineyard Supervisor, Bernie overseas the maintenance and running of our irrigation, trellis maintenance and new vineyard development.



George's family has a deep connection to the wine industry, with several generations having been involved. He was raised in McClaren Vale and Coonawarra, both regions known for their rich wine-making history. George holds a Bachelor's degree in Commerce Accounting and is currently pursuing his studies in viticulture to advance his career. At Scotchmans, he has been working for three years, primarily focusing on irrigation and maintenance tasks while also introducing sustainable practices in the vineyard. He is very hands-on and actively participates in pruning.

Maela Heurte


Maela is originally from France and moved to Australia a decade ago. She began her journey in May 2018 when she started working at our Cellar door. After two years, she honed her skills in various aspects in the vineyard. As a vineyard supervisor, she takes charge of various responsibilities, such as overseeing the team, pruning, handpicking fruit, and expertly planting new vines. Malea's dedication revolves around all aspects concerning the cultivation and care of the precious fruit.



Initially joining the Scotchmans Hill Team in 2001 as a vineyard hand, Sue has since moved into the winery where she oversees the warehouse as Warehouse Manager.