Working towards sustainability

Scotchmans Hill is a member of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia.

Scotchmans Hill has been working hard to improve our sustainability practices.

During winter, we bring sheep to help maintain the grass, which means we don't need to use tractors, which reduces carbon emissions and the need for herbicides or sprays.

We compost our vineyard waste to use it back in the vineyard, which helps reduce waste and adds nutrients to the soil.

We practice water management by only using necessary water based on climate conditions and vine requirements, helping us conserve and use water efficiently.

Look at alternative ways to dispose of containers using sustainable companies' recommendations. 

We recycle vineyard posts by on-selling them for other purposes, reducing waste, and giving new life to unwanted materials.

We have a great relationship with our neighbours and our surroundings.

We are conscious about planning and scheduling to minimise any negative impact on our direct environment.

Overall, we are committed to being sustainable and environmentally friendly in everything we do. By taking these steps, we can help to create a better environment for future generations.