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Award-Winning Premium Cool Maritime Climate Wines from the heart of the Bellarine Peninsula

Scotchmans Hill

Our title label, made from our best estate vineyards. These are serious wines with a focus on pairing with food which excites the palate. Built for ageing, they can equally be enjoyed when relatively young. Evolving overtime, various techniques, such as those learnt from making the later Cornelius label, have also been incorporated to become part of how we produce our estate range.

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The Cornelius label is a celebration of our most distinguished vineyards and intuitive, ground-breaking winemaking. Travelling throughout the world, our winemakers took notice of techniques from both the new and old world of winemaking. Our team have combined their talents to create a label that encompasses sophisticated, delicious and exciting wines.

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Mount Bellarine

This new series of wines, made under the Mount Bellarine label, have been inspired by the new world of winemaking and an aspiration to make bright and fresh wines. This contrasts with our Cornelius and Scotchmans Hill ranges of wines which are inspired by the old world of European winemaking. It is our desire to show the fruit purity of each variety but also to deliver complex wines. The grapes are grown on the slopes of Mount Bellarine which is the highest point on the Bellarine Peninsula. Being cooler in temperature than most vineyard sites means we have a longer ripening period , this coupled with our maritime climate ensures the delivery of intense fruit, full of flavour.

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Swan Bay

Started in 1996, the Swan Bay label was created as a way for us to share our beautiful wines as a more casual experience. The purpose of the Swan Bay label is to offer wine for everyday drinking that can be enjoyed with friends and family in an informal setting.

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Jack & Jill

Jack & Jill is a dedicated on-premise brand launched in April 2016. Drawing on the cool, maritime climate wines produced from the Bellarine Peninsula by Scotchmans Hill for over 30 years, Jack & Jill is a modern brand, with vibrant and textural style wines ideally suited for a range of cuisines.


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The Old Dairy

The roaming paddocks and panoramic views of the Scotchmans Hill property were used as a Dairy before it became the award winning Winery it is today . This is where this wine , the ’Old Dairy’ gets its name –  paying homage to the use of the rolling hills of fertile volcanic land prior to the planting of vines on our 320 acre site. The Old Dairy range of wines are traditionally approachable in style and true to Scotchmans Hill’s wine pedigree – the production of wine suitable for all occasions.

Old Dairy is an Online & Cellar Door only range not available for Retail or On-Premise sales.

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Henry Frost

Henry Frost was a colourful Adelaide chap with a dapper disposition and an entrepreneurial eye. In 1885, his thriving carriage building business merged with that of saddle maker James Holden, and the new enterprise was badged as Holden & Frost Ltd. Recognisable by the life-sized wooden horse which perched above the entrance of the saddlery, the coach building business flourished and the success spurred the imagination of Holden’s enterprising son, who predicted that the motor car was the next big thing. Frost died before witnessing the truth of this prophesy, but his pioneering legacy remains with us.

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The HILL wine is sourced from specific vineyards in the Currency Creek locale of the Fleurieu Peninsula and Langhorne Creek regions of South Australia, and the broader Geelong region.  Scotchmans Hill winemakers take a hands-on approach to the wine under the HILL label.
From vineyard management to fermentation techniques and finally blending the wines, adhering to the strict Scotchmans Hill philosophy of quality.

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