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12 November 2015 | Scotchmans Recommends | Scotchmans Hill


Spring is well and truly underway and it is time to set our mind to summer and all the fantastic opportunities to socialise and celebrate Christmas and the end of another exciting year.  Of course, for the season ahead we reach for sparkling and fresh aromatic wines - perfect for inviting summer days and warm nights.  If you are like us, you like to ensure your guests are served great food as well as wines from Scotchmans Hill. This year consider some interesting local and imported cheese.  

Cheese comes in all styles and forms so it comes down to the type of cheese you select to partner your wines. Sparkling and aromatic styles of wine, such as Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio match best with softer styles of cheese such as Brie de Nangis or Delice de Cremiers. For great cheese matches we suggest you check out Milk the Cow who have cheese to match every wine and occasion.














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