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31 August 2018 | Scotchmans Hill

Father's Day Q&A With Chief Winemaker Robin Brockett

In the lead up to Father's Day, we have taken a minute to ask our Chief Winemaker Robin Brockett the keys to good success in both the winery and the home.


Q: What has being a father taught you that has improved your winemaking?

Robin: Patience and nurturing. Making great wine doesn’t happen overnight and you have to keep working at it. Just like parenting you have your ups and downs but ultimately you end up with something great, like my children.

Q: If your children were wines what wines would they be?

Robin: I have three girls and one boy. My oldest Stephanie is a zingy Riesling. She’s quick as a whip. Chantelle would be a bold Shiraz. She’s intrepid and confident. Katherine is a sunny, happy Chardonnay, always looking on the bright side and doesn’t let anything get her down. Lastly, Liam is a complex Pinot Noir. He has a lot of depth and always has the ability to surprise you!

Q: Is there a winemaking legacy that you wish to leave your children and grandchildren?

Robin: I want to prove to them that when you work hard and have passion in what you do that you can always succeed. Always strive for the best, don’t compromise and reach your goals.

Q: How does wine play into your family life?

Robin: It’s always been a central part of our lives. From the long hours I’ve spent at work to enjoying great glasses of wine with the family - we’re always happy to share a glass. Not too much though haha.

Q: Proudest moment as a winemaker?

Robin: Seeing people that I have worked with go on and succeed. There are a lot of great winemakers, winery and vineyard workers that have come through Scotchmans Hill and have left all the better for it.

Q: Proudest moment as a father?

Robin: Seeing all four of my children go on and succeed in life. Nothing else compares.


Q: What is the best part of Father’s Day?

Robin: Having a great lunch with the family and having a good laugh.

Q: What is the worst?

Robin: No one cooks me breakfast in bed any more.

Q: What is the most important lesson that you have taught your children?

Robin: Never give up and keep a positive frame of mind. If you want something you need to work hard for it.

What is the most important lesson that your children have taught you?

Being patient to develop something that is the best that it can be. There is always tomorrow and mistakes are to learn from, they’re not the end of the world.

Q: What is the best present that you have received for Father’s Day?

Robin: Getting a Bunnings’ voucher. Like all my friends who have received Bunnings’ vouchers on Father’s Day, I can spend hours there and not get bored. And you’ve got to get your snag in bread as well of course.

Q: What did your father teach you that has helped you as a father yourself?

Robin: Find time to spend with your kids and enjoy their company. I love wine and winemaking, it’s what I live for. But nothing beats having the time to enjoy with family.


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